Indy Lopez presents Deep Rhymes at Balearica.

Indy Lopez presents Deep Rhymes Music at Balearica Music.

From the Red Sea deeper movement to the Arabian sunsets borns a deep house label with a melodic essence, delicate selection and european influence to keep you immersed in a feel good vibe with the best tunes and artist worldwide. DEEP RHYMES MUSIC.

Now DEEP RHYMES MUSIC is transformed into a new radio experience presented by Indy Lopez every Monday from 4 to 5 pm local time at Balearica Music.

Balearica Music by TLT Concepts was born from the hands of well-known faces of the island such as Anna Tur, Miguel Garji, Alex Kentucky and Katie Knight who, surrounded by a large cast of professionals and friends, are creating a unique and innovative 360º project.

As you can imagine, Balearica Music rise from the roots of Ibiza, its people and its characteristic «Balearic» sound, which has placed the white island as one of the most influential cultural references international for decades.

In its musical libraries you can find a wide range of styles and genres that complement each other: electronic, lounge, soulful, indie, organic, deep, house, techno, and even touches of pop rock bands from the 70s, 80s and 90s. ..

Without a doubt, an experience that you cannot miss and that you can now enjoy at and its app (Ios/android).


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